Monday, September 19, 2016

The Golden Circle Tour- Part 1

The first stop, Frioheimar greenhouse, were they use the warm geothermal waters to grow completely organic tomatoes.  I'm not a huge tomato fan.  I do like them, but with something, not by themselves.  But these were really good.  They serve tomato soup and apparently their bloody mary is on the list of Top 10 things to do in Iceland.   I did not try the bloody mary, but I did order a Good Mary, which is made with green tomatoes, ginger, sparkling water and lime.    It was delicious!

Then it was on to see Gullfoss waterfall.  The Traveling Hillbilly has seen quite a few waterfalls, including Niagra Falls but they never cease to amaze.    They are a reminder as to the true force of nature.



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