Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Northern Lights....Robbed Once Again

A lot of you know the Traveling Hillbilly spent the holidays in Finland a few years ago with friends.  We went in the hopes of seeing the increasingly elusive phenomenon known as the Northern Lights.   After nothing but cloudy days in Finland, we never saw them, not once.  Heading to Iceland, I was excited about this second chance!   Maybe this time I would finally get to see them. 

My first day in Iceland started out as very promising.  It was a bright sunny day, despite the forecast I'd read before I arrived predicting nothing but rain for my entire stay.  And the northern lights forecast was pretty high.  They were actually expected to be pretty active all week.   However, by the late afternoon, the rain would start and as the sun disappeared behind the clouds, the chance for the northern lights dimmed as well.   The chance to see them continued to decline each day, despite some sunny, clear mornings, each afternoon the clouds rolled in and the rain started once again, distinguishing my hopes of seeing this natural wonder.  

It was my last night and last chance to see them before I had to leave.  It had pretty much been raining all day, but I went ahead and booked my spot on a boat that was scheduled to leave at 10p in search of finding the northern lights.  Unfortunately I got the email about 6pm, that due to weather conditions, the search for the northern lights was canceled.    They've proved  elusive once again!

Maybe one day, I'll be in the right place at the right time and see for myself if they're truly real!

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