Thursday, September 22, 2016

Wet, Wet, Soaking Wet on the Amphibious Boat

Once we got to the #Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon, we had a few minutes to walk around the black sandy beach before our boat tour that would let us get up close and personal with the glaciers.   While it was drizzling when we arrived, the rain suddenly started to come down harder and the wind picked up.   Suddenly we were all wet and cold as we waited on the "dock.".  But there really was no dock, we were waiting on the side of a hill.  Then I saw the "boat" we would be getting in to.  It's one of those boats that can go from land to sea.  It had huge tires that allow it to drive on the land and then it just floats into the sea.
Of course we had to sit down before the boat could drive into the water, so now we were all really wet.  And with the wind, the waters were a little rough and more than once, water splashed into the boat, drenching several of us.  So while we were already cold, we were now wet and cold for the long drive back to Reykjavik.   Despite this, the Traveling Hillbilly would totally recommend this trip.  It was still worth it. But be prepared, it's a long day.   For more info check out... They are one of the companies that offer a tour to this area.  There are several others.  Or you can do the tour, without the boat ride and it's a little cheaper.

Now my next post, will be on the lagoon itself.

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