Thursday, September 22, 2016

Mountains, Lava Fields and Glaciers - WOW

It started out as a beautiful morning with clear blue skies but you could see the dark clouds forming on the horizon.  We are off to the Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon.  This is one thing the Traveling Hillbilly wanted to be sure to see on this trip.   I had read about the "diamond beach" and seen pictures of the chunks of glacier that roll up on the shore.  I just had to see it for myself.    But more about that later.

The drive itself was an experience.   The rain started and a mist formed over the tops of the mountains, giving it an eerie kind of look.   It kind of reminded me of Hawaii and had a Jurassic Park kind of feel.   Then we passed a few snow covered peaks.   I was expecting a drastic change in scenery as we got closer to the glacial lagoon and while we had beautiful scenery, it was not what I was expecting.  While there were a some snow covered peaks, for the most part it was green mountains, lots of rivers and an abundance of waterfalls.    Almost every farm we passed, had it's own waterfall right in the backyard.   How nice would that be, to have a waterfall in your backyard.  But the reason is more practical.  When these farms were originally established, they were based near a water source. 

We also passed through lava fields and even the volcano that erupted here a few years ago, stopping all European air traffic for a few days.  I'm sure many of you remember that.
We stopped at the stunning #Skogafoss on the way and while it's not as grand as the Gullfoss, it was still a beautiful sight to see.
I'll let you judge for yourself.


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