Saturday, November 14, 2009

This Is It!!!!!

So my friend and I decided to to go see This Is It, the film/documentary about Michael Jackson. If you're a fan of Michael Jackson, the Traveling Hillbilly recommends seeing the film. I know there is a lot of controversy surrounding Michael Jackson, but no matter what you think of him, you have to admit, he's an amazingly talented performer! He truly was an talented singer, dancer, performer.

However, we spent over $50 for two people to see a movie! That's simply outrageous, even for Los Angeles! It was $11 a ticket for the movie, a matinee at that! Another $19 for a couple of sodas and a popcorn and then $10 each for parking. Now granted the parking would have only been $5 each if we had not spent extra time to go have a drink after, but either way it's still a very expensive movie for an afternoon matinee!

However, the Traveling Hillbilly does recommend going to Boca, the restaurant/club that's part of the Conga Room. The staff is friendly, the cocktails selection is good and the food is delicious!

All in all, a fun way to spend a Saturday, despite the expense.

Danger, Traveling Hillbilly, Danger

Things I learned playing racquetball (by myself) this morning:

1 - Getting smacked with the ball in the face, on the leg, the thigh, or ANYWHERE for that matter, really hurts.

2 - I so need to work on my backhand.

3 - That "swoosh" you hear when you're gunning to smash the ball and completely miss, is still very embarrassing, even when there's no one else to see it!

4 - Make sure your shoelaces are tied, tightly!

5 - It's worse than running on old arthritic knees.

6 - You really can kick your own ass.

Regarding number 6 - Is it more embarrassing to kick your own ass? Or to have your ass kicked by someone else? Let me know what you think.

Raquetball tomorrow morning anyone?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Traveling Hillbilly Cleans Up the Beach

The Traveling Hillbilly is proud to work at a company that encourages all its employees to take the day off work and do volunteer work around the city.

Several of us decided to volunteer with the Surfrider Foundation and clean up the beach. We arrived at 10am, ready to go. I have to say it was an eye opening experience. I expected to see a lot of cigarette butts, which we did, but I can not believe how many thousands of tiny little pieces of Styrofoam are scattered all over the beach. Even with the large group we had cleaning up, I don’t think we put a dent in the massive amount of Styrofoam. It was everywhere. I will never use Styrofoam cups or coolers again. For those of you who smoke cigarettes, if you can’t bring yourself to actually stop smoking, can’t you take the extra 10 steps to toss the butts in the trash can? Is that really asking that much? I just can not believe how much random trash is one the beach. There were not a ton of huge items, like cans and bottles, but there were so many little things, like pieces of plastic, labels from bottles, torn pieces of plastic bags, just a whole array of odd things.

Where does it all come from?