Sunday, May 1, 2011

In Memory of My Dear Friend Bruce

The Traveling Hillbilly recently lost a very dear friend. He was a kind and true friend and we will all miss him tremendously. So my dear sweet Bruce, this post is for you.

Bruce was an amazing individual who touched us all. He was a true and treasured friend and had a major impact on lives. You can tell just reading his facebook page, there were many qualities that made him special.

Here are just a handful of comments people have made about our dear friend Bruce….

I will always remember your ready smile and laugh!

I hope you realized in your short time you walked this earth how many lives you touched with your caring ways, sweet words and gentle disposition. We don't see many like you in our lifetime

Such a kind, gentle soul. Lucky to have known you.

Thank you for being who you were. You blessed all of us with your wit and charm.
I will never forget your sweet soul.

Rest easy sweet soul. I will never forget my fun times with you.

Bruce truly was a sweet soul and unique individual. I think one of the things that made Bruce such a great friend, was his ability to accept people as they are. He accepted us, warts and all. He was the kind of person you could talk to, about anything. He had that rare quality of being able to truly listen, without interrupting you. He never tried to top your story. He never tried to “fix things” for you. He would just listen, without judgment to whatever you needed to say. Whether you had something funny or sad to tell him, or if you just needed to vent. He was always there. He was someone we knew we could count on to be there anytime, for anything.

Everyone should be so lucky to have a Bruce in their life. He inspired us all with his kind nature. So I think the best way we can honor our dear friend Bruce, is to be a Bruce for someone else. Be a “go to friend, who will listen, love, respect and accept, others. Because as someone wisely posted on Facebook, “the world could use more Bruces.”

Bruce, I love you. I miss you. And yes my heart aches but I will always cherish our memories.