Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Great Morning Run

There's nothing like getting up and running before most of the world has awaken.   The Traveling Hillbilly recommends running first thing in the morning when on vacation.  It gives you a chance to explore your new surroundings in the calm, peace and quiet of the day.   This morning, as I rounded the corner for my second lap around the trail, I spotted a deer.   We looked at each other, paused for a moment and then just watched one another.    Surprisingly the deer didn't run away.  She kept a close eye on me as she proceeded to graze, but stayed close.   Just one of those magical moments that make you realize how inconsequential most of the things we stress about everyday truly are.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

My favorite Four Vines is Gone!

The Traveling Hillbilly has been very disappointed to discover that my favorite winery, Four Vines, has been sold and is no longer.   It is now called Cypher.   We stopped and tried to do a tasting but it was very crowded.    We'll try and go back tomorrow before the crowds hit.   I'm trying to keep an open mind but I don't see how they can live up to Four Vines.

Wine Tasting in Paso Robles

As most of you know, the Traveling Hillbilly has been wine tasting many times before.   I have enjoyed every one of them!   However, I have to say, this trip has been a whole new experience.   My sister and the crew from Kansas City had their local wine store and distributor set up some private tastings for us.   We've had the chance to meet the winemaker in some instances and tasted 10+ wines at many of the wineries.  It was nice to take our time and truly learn about the wines and see the passion these people have for their them.   Plus you can't beat spending the day wine tasting while you know most everyone else is working!

The Traveling Hillbilly also highly recommends planning your tastings during the week vs. the weekends.  It's typically less busy so you get more personal attention and your have a greater chance of tasting some wines that aren't on the tasting menu.

Some favorites so far

Halter Ranch - The main house kind of looks like an old brothel from the road, it's got a great little covered bridge and the old barn just completes the ambiance.   Hopefully you'll be lucky enough to meet Jason

Kiamie - Just a small operation with a big heart and passion for wine making

Barrel 27 - you can taste wines from the Barrel 27and McPrice Myers labels.   If Edgar is around be sure to ask if you can taste his Bodega de Edgar wines.   Edgar has some great stories, stories almost as good as his wines.